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Quick and Easy Tips to Maintain Your Carpets

Carpets are a good investment for any Wellington homeowner. Not only do they offer a certain degree of insulation from cold, they can also help in deadening sound and create a comfortable surface for walking indoors. Whether your house has wall-to-wall carpeting or you have one stylish carpet that marks where the living area ends and the kitchen begins, you need to know these top Wellington carpet maintenance tips.

Use doormats at all entry points

One effective trick to keeping your carpet cleaner for longer would be to keep dirt and dust out the best way you can. Put sturdy doormats at every entrance so that the dirt never gets to the carpet. This can help you prolong the life of the carpet and reduce the number of washes that could wear carpet fibers down. 

Use lemon juice and salt

You may think twice about using carpet cleaning chemicals on your living room carpets, especially where the kids like to lie down or play on. Use a lemon juice and salt solution which will remove odor, mould, and mildew but will not ruin coloured carpets. You can brush the carpet lightly to remove the stains.

You can also use hydrogen peroxide (1 parthydrogen peroxide to 5 parts water) for stains on the carpet, but make sure to do a spot test on a hidden part of the carpet to ensure that it doesn't damage the carpet fibres or colour.

Use water

Plain water is great for removing liquid stains and it doesn't damage carpet coluor and fibres. For common spills like fruit juices and even coffee, tepid water on the stain is often enough as long as you apply it right after the spill.

Use a crisscross pattern when vacuuming

You will need to vacuum your carpets because frequent vacuuming prolongs the life of a carpet by removing deep-seated dirt. Use a high powered setting and a crisscross pattern especially over areas subjected to high traffic. Do this several times until little to no dirt can be sucked up. 

Use baking soda

Baking soda is very effective for removing odors. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and let it sit overnight to remove odours. You can do this after vacuuming if odor is still present. Vacuum again in the morning to remove baking soda residue. 

Use white towels

If you want to speed up the drying time of your carpet after cleaning, stack one or two white towels over the wet area and weigh down with a heavy book. The towel will absorb the water and help the carpet fibres dry faster. 

If you need more carpet cleaning tips and advice or you want a professional job done on your carpets, contact Maxi Carpet Services at They can give you advice on how to remove specific types of stains and use the best in carpet cleaning technology to bring dirty, old carpets back to life.

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