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Being more Mindful

Pauline Walton

I was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment two years ago, when I was 72. I found that I was forgetting things more often, and sometimes getting a bit lost while driving. It was pretty scary, and I can be quite an anxious person anyway, which doesn’t serve me well. But what I’ve found is that being more mindful helps a lot. For example, sometimes I would go to do something around the house, like get a pair of socks from the drawers, but then I’d forget what I was there to do. So now, rather than get anxious and stressed about it, I concentrate on my breathing, which really brings me back into the moment and allows me to concentrate on what I was doing. Then I can carry on with things. It works for me and I would recommend it to others who have these annoying mind-blanks. But I’m interested to hear what other people do as well. Any other tips out there?

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